Smart NY Realty LLC


With over 15 years of experience in the Real Estate Market, Josh and Steve started Smart NY Realty LLC a number of years ago. Since they launched Smart NY Realty LLC with two employees, the company has experienced phenomenal growth.  Today, Josh, Steve and their experienced team of real estate  professionals manage a robust portfolio for clients throughout Brooklyn and Queens.


"I had a great experience working with Smart NY Realty. They helped me  find the best apartment and location for my family to live." 

- Alvin U.

"Josh was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process.  He agreed to show us the apartment right away once we contacted him. We  loved the place instantly, and at first he suggested emailing us the  forms, but we were so enthusiastic that he agreed to open the office  just for us so we could sign the forms. (It was Sunday and the office  had been closed that afternoon.) He even drove us to Western Union in  his own car, so we could get the money order on the day we signed the  lease. We have friends who are interested in moving to the at same  neighborhood so we will definitely recommend Smart NY Realty to them and  to friends in the future." 

- Carolyn B.

"Solomon was great and Josh was very pleasant. Thank you! We love our new apartment." 

- Charles W.

"We worked with Josh and Solomon of Smart NY Realty and could've not  been happier with their service. We found their listing on craigslist  and contacted the agency. Josh responded promptly with all the requested  information. He was also patient and friendly - a rare find in this cut  throat NYC real estate market. All of the above also applies to Solomon  who showed us the apartment. He too was informed, friendly and straight  forward. We had an especially tight schedule for lease signing due to  previously planned travels/work and Josh was great at handling all the  necessary paperwork - he was very understanding and kept us updated  along the way. We ended up signing the lease and we love our new home.  Hopefully, we won't have to move any time soon, but if we do we'll be  more then glad to work with Smart NY Realty again." 

- Aiste J. and Rene  I.

"I  hadn't looked for an apartment in over 5 years & was very  apprehensive when I started due to all the scams & frauds that I  heard about on Craigslist.  That was until I came across an ad from  Solomon from Smart NY Realty.  Solomon is very professional, he was on  time for all the apartments I viewed with him & he returned all my  calls & texts in a timely manner. The staff at Smart NY Realty is  also very professional & they helped assist me in obtaining all the  documents & verification forms needed & literally with a week I  was signing the lease & given the keys to my own apartment after  being out the game for over 5 years. I would & continue to recommend  Smart NY Realty as my go to company when it comes to being a  professional working person looking for a decent place to live in a safe  neighborhood & the most important part of my experience with Smart  NY Realty is that ALL the apartments I viewed were MOVE IN READY.  They  truly do work to ensure that you get the right apartment for you!" 

-  Alexander B.